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Unless specified otherwise, terms used herein shall have the same meaning as in IGRA, including but not limited to references to “Class I,” “Class II,” and “Class III” gaming, except for references to “commissioners” and “commission,” which shall be deemed to mean the commissioners of the Robinson Rancheria gaming commission (“gaming commission”) described below.

“Closely associated independent contractor” shall mean any contractor that shares common ownership, officers or directors with any management principal or persons related thereto.

“Gaming activities” shall mean any Class I, Class II, or Class III gaming conducted by or under the jurisdiction of the tribe.

“Gaming contractors” shall mean any person or entity that supplies gaming devices or other gaming equipment, personnel, or services (including gaming management or consulting services) to any gaming activity or enterprise of the tribe.

“Gaming enterprise” shall mean any gaming business, event, enterprise or activity conducted by or under the jurisdiction of the tribe.

“Key employee” shall mean a person who performs one or more of the following functions: bingo caller, counting room supervisor, chief of security, custodian of gaming supplies or cash, floor manager, pit boss, games supervisor, dealer, croupier, approver of credit, or custodian of gaming devices, including those persons with any access to cash or accounting records within such devices. If not otherwise included, any other person whose total cash compensation is in excess of $50,000 per year, and the four most highly compensated persons in the gaming enterprise are to be considered “key employees.” At the discretion of the tribe, other positions or persons may be included under the requirements for “key employees.”

“Person” shall be deemed to mean any natural person or entity, including but not limited to corporations, partnerships and trusts.

“Primary management official” shall be deemed to mean the person who has management responsibility for a management contract; or any person who has the authority to hire or fire employees or to set up working policy and procedures for the gaming enterprise; or the chief financial officer or any other person who has or holds financial management responsibility in the gaming enterprise.

“Related to” shall be deemed to refer to persons who are family related as a father, mother, sister or brother.

“Reservation” shall be deemed to cover all lands under the jurisdiction and control of the tribe.

“Robinson Rancheria business council” shall be deemed to mean the governing elected body of the tribe, as set forth in the Tribal Constitution and Bylaws.

“Tribal council” shall be deemed to mean the voting general tribal membership of the Robinson Rancheria of the Pomo Indians. [Ord. Gaming Ordinance § 2, 1993.]