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All gaming activities on the reservation (whether Class I, II or III) are prohibited except as expressly authorized under this chapter.

(1) Class I Gaming. Class I gaming activities are hereby permitted to the extent consistent with tribal custom and practice. The tribal council may prohibit and prevent any conduct which is claimed to be Class I gaming if the tribal council finds that such conduct is not consistent or in accordance with tribal customs or practices or violates IGRA or any other law.

(2) Class II and Class III Gaming. Class II and Class III gaming on the reservation is hereby authorized provided the tribe has sole proprietary interest in and responsibility for the conduct of any gaming enterprise, or to the extent that the tribe may contract with and license a person or entity to own, operate or manage the enterprise pursuant to the provisions of IGRA or as otherwise permitted by law. Nothing herein shall prohibit the tribe from engaging the services of nontribal persons as employees thereof or engaging any person or entity to provide consulting services or other technical assistance to tribe. All Class III gaming shall be conducted in accordance with any tribal-state compact between the tribe and the state of California or alternative thereto as provided by IGRA, and as referenced below. [Ord. Gaming Ordinance § 5, 1993.]