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(1) Tribal Property. Except as provided for under the terms of an agreement pursuant to the provisions of IGRA or as otherwise permitted by law, all revenues generated from any Class II or Class III gaming activities are the property of the tribe. Any profits or net revenues from gaming activities shall be deposited into the tribe’s general treasury or such other tribal account as the tribe shall determine. No tribal member shall be deemed to have any interest therein; provided, that the tribal business council may adopt rules for distributing Class II or Class III gaming proceeds to members on a per capita basis provided such plan meets the requirements of IGRA, 25 U.S.C. Section 2710(b)(3). Once becoming part of the tribe’s treasury, revenues generated from gaming activities shall lose any identity as gaming revenues except to the extent necessary to comply with applicable law.

(2) Use. Net revenues from gaming activities are not to be used for purposes other than:

(a) To fund tribal governmental operations or programs;

(b) To provide for the general welfare of the tribe and its members;

(c) To promote tribal economic development;

(d) To donate to charitable organizations; or

(e) To help fund operations of local government agencies. [Ord. Gaming Ordinance § 6, 1993.]