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(1) The Robinson Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians (“Robinson Band”) owns and operates the Robinson Rancheria Bingo and Casino (“gaming enterprise”) on the Robinson Rancheria (“Robinson Band”) for the purposes of employing its members and generating revenues to help fund tribal government operations and programs, to promote tribal economic development, and to provide for the general health, education, and welfare of the Robinson Rancheria Band members.

(2) Federal law currently governs how the net revenues from the Robinson gaming enterprise may be expanded. (25 U.S.C. Section 2710(b)(2)(B)(3).) The Robinson Band hereby formalizes its plan for the allocation of such net gaming revenues both for general tribal purposes and for per capita distributions to the members of the Robinson Band. [Ord. Allocation and Disbursement of Net Revenue from Tribal Gaming Ordinance Art. I, 1997.]