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(1) Every eligible tribal member of the Robinson Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians, except those who have not attained the age of 18, whose allotment will be placed in trust, is eligible to receive a per capita payment, unless:

(a) That person was found guilty by any legal justice court system or liable for any offense against or relating to the gaming enterprise or the Robinson Rancheria involving theft, conversion, embezzlement, extortion, violence or damage to tribal property. Such a person forfeits his or her right to any per capita payment for the period prescribed by the citizens business council; or

(b) That person becomes disenrolled or withdraws from membership during a per capita pay period prior to the date of distribution, in which case such person shall not receive a per capita payment for that pay period.

(c) That person dies prior to the date of the per capita payment in which case no payment shall be due to that person’s estate or heirs.

(2) Distribution shall be based on the latest BIA and citizens business council approved membership list of enrolled tribal members. Any person excluded from eligibility by the terms of subsections (1)(a) through (1)(c) of this section shall file any complaint or appeal with the citizens business council, which shall have final authority to adjudge such person’s eligibility. [Ord. Allocation and Disbursement of Net Revenue from Tribal Gaming Ordinance Art. IV, 1997.]