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(1) The percentage of net gaming revenue devoted to per capita payments pursuant to RRTC 4.10.020 shall be divided such that every eligible tribal member receives an equal per capita payment, share and share alike.

(2) Each per capita payment shall be disbursed within 15 days at the end of each per capita pay period.

(3) Each per capita payment shall be made by tribal check, made payable only to the eligible tribal member, except in the case of incompetents (see subsection (4) of this section).

(4) Per capita payment made to legally incompetent tribal members shall be made payable to the legal guardian or to the person holding a valid power of attorney for such incompetent tribal member. Any dispute regarding this process shall be resolved by the citizens business council with the advice of legal opinion.

(5) Pursuant to the temporary regulations promulagated by the Internal Revenue Service and published in the Federal Register Volume 59, No. 245, dated December 22, 1994, Section 3402(r) requires that persons including Indian tribes, making payment to members of Indian tribes from the net revenues of certain gaming activities conducted or licensed by the tribes, deduct and withhold income taxes from those payments. The Robinson Rancheria tribal treasurer will insure that such deductions are made prior to making per capita payments to tribal members. [Ord. Allocation and Disbursement of Net Revenue from Tribal Gaming Ordinance Art. V, 1997.]