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(1) The tribal court, at its discretion, may order community service in addition to or in place of a money penalty. The tribal court will determine if the person is a suitable candidate for community service.

(2) A person approved for community service by the tribal court shall be referred to the tribal administration for a community service assignment.

(3) The tribal court, or designee, will keep a log of both services requested and performed and will provide a form for verification of the hours of service.

(4) Community service is limited to service:

(a) At tribal property; or

(b) For a tribal agency; or

(c) At the primary residence of a tribal elder.

(5) The person completing community service will obtain written verification supporting the hours of service on the provided form and submit the form to the tribal court. [Ord. 12-15-2021A § 9.3, 2021.]