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The Robinson Rancheria Citizens Business Council shall have powers and responsibilities hereinafter provided under the Indian reorganization Act of June 18, 1934 (48 Stat. 984) as amended by the Act of June 15, 1935 (49 Stat. 378), subject to any limitations imposed upon such powers by the laws of the United States.

(a) To consult, negotiate, contract or conclude agreements with Federal, State and local governments on activities which may effect the Robinson Rancheria.

(b) To employ legal counsel, the choice of counsel and fixing of fees to be subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior or his authorized representative.

(c) To receive advice from and make recommendations to the Secretary of the Interior with regard to all appropriation estimates for all projects which are for the benefit of members of the Robinson Rancheria prior to the submission of such estimates to the Office of Management and Budget and Congress.

(d) To manage, lease or otherwise operate all unassigned tribal property and to control the use of and development on assigned tribal lands. Toward this end the citizens business council shall within one (1) year of the effective date of this constitution and bylaws submit for ratification to a referendum vote of the rancheria a land assignment and land use ordinance.

(e) To acquire property and to accept gifts.

(f) To join and/or charter tribal housing authorities.

(g) To charter tribal enterprises, corporations and associations.

(h) To prescribe rules and regulations governing future membership, loss of membership and the adoption of members.

(i) To administer tribal assets and manage all economic affairs and enterprises of the rancheria.

(j) To promulgate and enforce such ordinances as are deemed necessary to safeguard and promote the peace, safety, health and general welfare of the members of the rancheria.

(k) To promulgate and adopt ordinances necessary or incidental to the exercise of any of the foregoing powers and duties as long as they are not in conflict with this constitution.